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Dr. Farokh Master - INDIA
International teacher - Professor Maharashtra University of Health Sciences - Nasik

I had multiple opportunities to listen to Italy's most respected teacher Dr. Roberto Petrucci. His seminars were “most enjoyable, informative and inspiring”. I liked the emphasis on case taking in children. He showed his knowledge, experience and extraordinary insights with an amazing generosity of spirit. He presented material in a well-organised manner and answered questions by allowing the audience to follow a thread to the core. I personally learnt a great deal about concepts from Radar, Materia Medica of children remedies which I had not been yet been exposed to.

Dr. Gheorghe Jurj - ROMANIA
International teacher - President of Asociatiei Române de Homeopatie Clinică

Dr. Roberto Petrucci have a great quality as a teacher in homeopathy and a great defect in the same time: he is TOO passionate, he knows perfectly well the MM of children (and his related book is an obligatory reference from now on) but in the same time he is CURIOUS, ever searching for new solutions. He have a well done conservative homeopathic background but also the open eye of his young patients, ready to experience new remedies and new ways. A rationale approach, critical and deeply clinical,  joint with an ever open mind... I had the privilege to hear him in private and open spaces, he remains the same: serious, good clinician, subtle and charming... One of the teacher I like to always hear and one of the friends I like we chat long about homeopathy.

Dr. Richard Hiltner - USA
Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis
National vice - President for USA

Dr. Petrucci is one of those exceptional few who is able to combine deep insight and profound knowledge with a sense of humour and light spirit. It is a joy to listen and learn from such a penetrating teacher of homeopathy. For example, in the Liga Congress in Belgium he delivered an excellent presentation on the clinical verification of the proving of Falcon Peregrinus Disciplinatus which was conducted by Misha Norland in 1997. The mental symptoms of Falcon can be contradictory. However, he was able to clearly delineate the mental, emotional and physical symptoms of this fascinating proving and gave marvellous cured cases.

Dr. Doina Pavlovschi - ROMANIA
President of
Societatea Romana de Homeopatie

Dr. Roberto Petrucci had been very clear, logical, dynamic; we had many things to learn, he kept us in great shape all the time. Very good, he pointed out the remedies  very clear and systematic, he cleared up for me some things; the new remedies he had presented made me read more. His book seems to be a good tool for daily practice, which I will try to apply. His jokes and his cases showed as jokes made me laugh as  I never laughed for a long time. It was a cocktail of left scientific hemisphere and right funny hemisphere. The lecturer's performance was of great value and very agreeable . The performance of dr. Roberto Petrucci was super. A very special vision about homeopathy, profound and in the same time simplified, with a  wide perspective on the evolution of classical homeopathy, very interesting. Exceptional, he masters all the aspects and he has personal opinions. As I said, you are the best.

Dr. Ileana Rindasu - ROMANIA
eneral segretary of Societatea Romana de Homeopatie

Dr. Petrucci is a very profound  teacher of homoeopathy, the type who combines systematic knowledge with simplicity and clarity of expression, giving you a deep insight about remedies in theory and practice, and in the same time creating a friendly and flamboyant atmosphere in the seminar, making you more receptive to his teaching, in a way that you forget about the time and possible tiredness. So, he succeeds in making students to grasp his ideas quickly, in the best possible manner. To participate to his seminars is to witness a regal of homeopathy.
He is the type of lector that makes you wait with impatience the next seminar, immediately that the previous has finished.  Many, many thanks to him and our gratitude for the precious gift he offered us by his teaching!

Dr. Guna Blumberga – LATVIA
Homeopathic doctor

II have had a great honour and opportunity to be a student of Dr.Roberto Petrucci throughout 4 years staying in Milan. I am impressed about his dinamic methodological approach to analyse each clinical case. During the case taking he is using all 5 senses of human beeing, moreover he has the sixth sense and I would call it emotional inteligence. I agree on Roberto’s statement, in order to become a good homeopath you need 2 characteristics “to be a hard working person and have a fanaticism to dedicate time and effort to study and understand homeopathy”. And he definately has these features.

Dr. Maneesha V.Solanki – INDIA
Professor & H.O.D. of Medicine Department; Vice - Principal D.S.Homoeopathic Medical College Pune

The three days seminar at Pune (India) by Dr. Roberto Petrucci made most difficult subject easy to both students as well as practitioners. His total command on delivery as well as contents was most inspiring.At a very short notice, he accepted our invitation, to address the students of D.S. Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune; this was possible only because of his zeal to propagate true Homoeopathy. A true teacher who could reach to his students anywhere any time. Dr. Roberto Petrucci's book on Pediatrics is a road map to all, those who would like to take up specialty Paediatrics through Homoeopathy .

Dr. Birgitta Williams – SWEDEN
Director ARCANUM SKOLAN Göteborg

We have had the opportunity to invite Dr. Roberto Petrucci to our homeopathic school in Sweden October 2008. It was an enjoyable event. The theme for the seminar was on how to treat children with ADHD, autism, mutism and hyperactivity etc. He was an excellent teacher meeting students at different levels he showed his comprehensive knowledge in this field of homeopathy. Together with a great deal of humour and his generous personality he had us all focused throughout the seminar. Throughout this interactive seminar additionally we learnt how to use his book “Material Medica of Children” together with his new concept in the Radar homeopathic software. We look forward to his next seminar here in Sweden in October 2009.

Dr. Muhammed Rafeeque – INDIA
Homeopathic doctor

The Homoeopathic seminar by Dr. Roberto Petrucci was highly informative and helpful for all categories of Homoeopaths, ranging from experienced practitioners to beginners. By attending his seminar, I could enrich my understanding on the relationship of remedies, potency selection, rubric selection in paediatric cases and follow up of cases. His style of presentation with patient listening and great respect towards delegates' remarks were quite impressive. It evidences that he possesses the best quality of a homoeopath, i.e., to be a good listener to what the patient says. I strongly feel that Homoeopathy needs such dedicated and knowledgeable personalities to propagate this wonderful science for the benefit of humanity.

Dr.Sushil Vats – INDIA
[from Similima.com - New Delhi seminar review]

Dr. Roberto Petrucci spoke about his new book “CHILDREN HOMEOPATHIC MATERIA MEDICA WITH REPERTORIAL SYMPTOMS”. He discussed the construction of his book with case examples.
Dr. Petrucci said he thought that grouping paediatric symptoms would be very useful for children consultations, so he created a repertory divided by concepts, trying to group the different repertorial rubrics so as to view all the symptoms related to a concept. He called these concepts as CHILDREN CONCEPT, the repertory is composed of twenty concepts.
In the final session of second day Brilliance of Roberto Petrucci came out in the open. He impressed one and all in this session. Speaking on “LOGIC OF PRESCRIPTION” he discussed various remedies, their causing pathology and how one remedy differs from the other in the clinical cases.
He differentiated Aurum, Calcium phosphoricum, Calcium sulphuricum, Causticum, Staphysagria, Natrum muriaticum, Sepia and many other remedies on the basis of rubrics.

He spoke very well on the clinical application of Baryta and also on miasms he said that all remedies have all miasms, a thought close to our own Dr.Vijayakar.

Dr. Tanja Šegula – SLOVENIA
Member of executive board of The Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society

It gives me great pleasure to write a few words about my dear Italian friend Dr. Roberto Petrucci.
I first met Dr. Petrucci in autumn 2006 in Switzerland on 61st World Congress of the Homeopathic League. I was impressed by his lecture there. Later on I had an opportunity to invite him and I had an honour to introduced him as a great lecturer of homeopathy on the Homeopathic symposium of The Slovenian Pharmaceutical Association in November 2007.
In the last few years the study of homeopathy has changed remarkably. Dr. Petrucci’s work is innovative and well organized. His remarkable latest book “Children Homeopathic Materia Medica” integrates modern concepts and themes with traditional information in a clear and usable manner. The arena of paediatric homeopathy has been a source of problems for generations. Dr. Petrucci spoke about that theme in Ljubljana. He shared with us some interesting cases from his practice. We concluded our meeting with computer demonstration of repertorization of children (Radar program).

Especially I would like to thank our teacher from Italy Dr. Roberto Petrucci for his enthusiasm and sharing with us his remarkable work. He is very sophisticated person; he can be funny and tender at the same time.